Workflow Automation As A Service

Every business has processes. Every process is a workflow. Every workflow should be automated to its fullest extent. Let's talk.

Sample interface of Media Sourcery Authorization Product

We've helped our creative customers use our Workflow Automation solution to increase the efficiency and speed of all types of processes: Supply Chain. Product Shipment and Delivery. Device Monitoring and Alerting. Patient Intake and Qualification. What processes can we help you enhance?

Workflow Automation Gets Results

A Sampling of Customer Success Stories


A healthcare manufacturing company implemented Media Sourcery's Workflow solutions to accelerate their customer order to shipment process. Their initial controlled pilot showed 6 days saved out of the previous 30 day average on product workflows after implementing Media Sourcery's Workflow and Workflow Aggregation solutions.


Media Sourcery created an automated task and workflow to notify consumers of out of warranty devices via text and email using Media Sourcery's Messaging platform. The workflow is created as the warranty expires, the consumer is notified and workflow tasks are updated based on consumer's responses to interactive text message questions. The customer measured a 30% response rate within 15 minutes of the initial text message. This workflow replaced the manual process of calling every consumer upon warranty expiration.


In one of the very first implementations of these solutions, home health and hospice aides were given Blackberry devices. Forms for several of their daily and weekly tasks were provided on the aides' Blackberries. Each form submitted was a task on a workflow. Depending on the information in the form, the task was completed or was reset to be checked again a few days in the future. The ROI of this solution was immense, eliminating paper forms that would not be brought back into a central office for data entry for days.

Workflow Automation As A Service Features

Any process that can be defined by tasks and sub-tasks, and whose completion depends upon the completion of all or some of those tasks can be a workflow. A task can be manual, an automated system/response, a smart contract or any other construct that moves the workflow towards completion. When combined with Media Sourcery's Auth Service, different tasks can be securely authorized for different users or groups of users, inside and outside of the enterprise.

Media Sourcery's Workflow solutions normalize workflow views. Color coded displays which use customer input on task duration are used to show on-time, critical and late tasks and sub-tasks. Drill down from task to sub-task. View meta-data such as notes, workflow owner and originator, creation time and more.

Geographical. Organizational. Hierarchical. What ever structure makes sense for your business, the Workflow Aggregation view provides drill down through a hierarchical view to display variance. Flexible Views allow different users to look at aggregated data from their perspective.