Authorization Service

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Sample interface of Media Sourcery Authorization Product

Media Sourcery’s Auth Service product is utilized by enterprises to segment application usage by identifiable user groupings. Authorization segmentation gives control to limit or include access to X.500 hierarchies (such as those employed by Microsoft’s Active Directory), email domains (such as those to allow partner access), blockchain identity and access management systems, and others. With our Version 3 release, Media Sourcery's Authorization Service is an identity and access management bridge between enterprise directory authorization systems and blockchain-based identity systems.

How the Authorization Service works

Implementing Media Sourcery's Authorization Service is as easy as one - two - three


Define Services. Services include web applications, APIs and other entities. Each service is assigned an application ID.


Define Users (Internal, External or Blockchain), Group memberships, and their Permissions. This includes configuring Active Directory settings, partner email domains, blockchain identities and other user types. These users can then be added to Groups. Groups or Individual Users can be granted Permissions to particular Services.


Enable Services. Add redirect code (provided by Media Sourcery) to the apps and APIs defined in the services. The "redirect" is a simple set of javascript (or other code) that customers are provided to redirect their apps to their Auth Service.

Authorization Service Features

Changes and events are logged and readily available in the "Events" section of the Auth Services console screen. This capability can be combined with Media Sourcery's Messaging solution to notify administrators of these events by text, email or other notification medium.

Granularity of authorization matches users and/or groups of users to services, apps and APIs.

The Auth Service product works in tandem with Media Sourcery's Workflow Automation solutions by enabling authorization to the applications which can act upon tasks and sub-tasks to accelerate a workflow or process.

Authorization Service

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