Tasks and sub-tasks in a workflow frequently change status. Our Messaging platform lets processes or people know, enabling notification, automated response and action.

Sample interface of Media Sourcery Authorization Product

Backed by years of experience in security, workflow automation and notifications, Media Sourcery's Secure Messaging construction and distribution system simplifies the utilization of reusable templates, text headers and footers, and combines this with programmatic inbound and outbound interfaces.

Sample Customer Uses


Targeted Interactive Sales - a customer database was queried to find existing customers of one type of product whose profile fit the a newly released product. Based on the customer's contact preference, an interactive text message or an email with a link to a customer-custom web page were sent out. In addition, the initial notifications to the customer and their responses were used to automatically update workflow tasks and steps - or, if the customer was not interested in the product, to cancel the workflow.


One-time Messaging - some call centers are staffed during working hours, which is when many customers are also at work. A one-time messaging app was written that would send a text, email or programmable voice message (based on contact preferences and consent) to a customer after hours, when they could respond at their convenience.


Clinical Protocol Actions Triggered by Events - when integrated with medical device readings, a list of actions can be defined based on those readings - individually, consecutively or in a pattern. The Messaging system is triggered to take the action defined by the trigger. These actions can be RESTful API calls to trigger a program; an email; a text message; the insertion of a note into a patient file; or any of a number of automated tasks.

Messaging Product Features

Build emails, text, voice messaging and more from templates, using field substitution to personalize and customize. Text and Voice messaging can be interactive, and responses can be used to update statuses of workflow tasks and sub-tasks.

Messages can be distributed immediately, or scheduled. Messages can be sent through corporate email system, through 3rd party services such as Twilio or through multiple other channels.

Bulk Messaging based on Workflow and Task Automation status. Every quarter/month/week/day/hour, depending on the configured requirement, certain tasks for workflows can be checked against a set of rules and a notification sent out via text or email that will either move the task to the next step, close/cancel the task or change the follow up date on the task to a date in the future.


Product Data Sheet