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Media Sourcery and Topl to Securely Track and Trace COVID-19 Test Kits

October 20, 2020 - Impact technology company Topl, together with workflow automation and security software provider Media Sourcery, Inc. (MSI) today announced a partnership to jointly develop and launch various blockchain-powered platforms. 

The first project to be developed from this partnership will highlight the value of the collaboration of Topl’s impact-focused blockchain with the workflow automation and security tools of MSI when applied to healthcare. The two companies will be involved in tracking test kits for COVID-19, securing the provenance of the supply chain to provide laboratories, practitioners, and patients with assurance that the test kits were handled properly from testing to results reporting. The goal of this effort is to enhance the transparency of the test kit supply chain while also giving patients a method to access their testing data directly and securely via their mobile phone, receiving notifications every step of the way. Private patient health information (PHI) is stored and accessed in a HIPAA-compliant manner, and the solution can provide proof of test results to facilities that require it. MSI’s experience in the healthcare sector will ensure PHI is protected while utilizing the Topl blockchain to provide transparency for non-private information.

Read the full press release here.

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Auth Service Version 3 with Blockstack Integration

May 14, 2020: Businesses by their nature require external entities (partners, users, customers) to be authenticated and authorized for certain functions. Media Sourcery is constantly adding support for external authentication mechanisms. With Version 3 of Media Sourcery's Auth Service product (released in May 2020), this support includes email domains and blockchain-based identity and access management(IAM) systems.

The first blockchain identity system to be added is Blockstack.

This makes the Media Sourcery Authorization Service an identity and access management bridge between enterprise directories authentication/authorization systems and blockchain-based identity systems.

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Blackberry Solution Helps Hospice Provider Gather Information At the Point of Care

October 1, 2010 - Even though Blackberry devices are somewhat relics of the past and Blackberry as a company has pivoted, this Blackberry case study from 2010 is an excellent use case of Task Automation and Workflow Automation utilizing Media Sourcery technologies. Read the full article here.