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10 February 2015

ARTICLE: goes away February 26, 2015 – use new iOS 8 Test Flight App

The website we have utilized for beta testing of apps,, shuts down on February 26th, 2015. All app testing will be moved to the iOS8 TestFlight app and managed through Apple’s iTunes Connect. As a developer, and a user there are many more PROs to this than CONs. The new TestFlight app for iOS8 […]

10 June 2014

ARTICLE: What time does an Apple Provisioning Profile expire?

For those of you that do not get the challenges of living in the Apple Developer world, a bit of background: To deploy an iOS app outside of the Apple App Store, either as a “beta” with an Ad-Hoc Distribution profile, or as an Enterprise with an Apple Enterprise Developer account, a Provisioning Profile is required. […]

1 June 2014

ARTICLE: Multi-step Verification

  Recently, several Apple device users who were caught in a phishing scam learned about the benefits of two-step authentication. These users had their Apple ID and password stolen when they went to a bogus website, and their devices were locked and held for ransom. More details here. Two-step (and multi-step) verification and authentication is […]

15 July 2011

Mobile Monday Austin and Blackberry Playbook

July 11, 2011 (Austin, Texas) – Media Sourcery participated and demoed a new pilot application on the Blackberry Playbook at the recent Mobile Monday Austin meeting at the AT&T Conference Center on the University of Texas Campus. The demo was of a secure referral application, which will be piloted on iOS and Android devices as […]