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January 04, 2012
Solutions for Mobile Devices and Browsers
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To provide a secure alternative for SMS-type messages (short information that expects a that quick. Response), Media Sourcery offers Secure text Messenger.


  • Apple, Android and Browser support
    • Native versions provide native user interfaces for multiple platforms.
    • Cross-usability between versions allow mobile users to switch to a browser client when stationary with similar functionality.
  • Security
    • Authentication
      • All users are authenticated
      • Session timeout is set system wide.
      • On-device protection of data
      • iOS devices: data StM client receives from the server is stored into a local iOS DB for caching. That DB is stored using a setting called “NSFileProtectionComplete”, iOS highest level of on-device encryption.
      • Android devices: data StM client receives from the server are stored into a local Android DB for caching.
      • Browser clients: data StM client receives from the server is stored in the browser DOM.
    • Transport layer encryption
      • StM utilizes an SSL encrypted transport layer.
    • PKI (forthcoming)
      • If an extra layer of protection is desired, MSI’s PKI solution can be integrated to provide additional on-device encryption and include digital signatures.
      • Notification and Escalation
        • If user is not currently logged in to StM, user will be notified of new StM message by email or SMS
        • System can be configured to provide escalation (again, email or SMS) if user does not “pick-up” text message within configured time period
        • Escalation integration forthcoming.
        • Audit trail, logging, reporting
          • All transactions, including last status are reported.
          • Non-encrypted data (including topic) visible in reporting.
          • Message queuing when network is unavailable
          • Integration into EMR through back end integration (add PHI conversations to patient record)
            • Topic or additional metadata can be utilized to store patient conversations into patient record of EMR/EHR system.
            • Directory integration
              • StM can utilize external Active Directory to map to existing user entries
              • StM can utilize its own directory to provide access to user not in Enterprise’ directory.
              • Integration into other applications via Framework
              • Cloud-based storage
                • Mobile users can switch to a browser client when stationary with same list of conversations, and vice-versa.

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