Project Description:

Provide sure and certain security with our Secure Portal solution. Extend your portal with the capability of securely sending and receiving confidential information with the highest level of security.

Secure Portal

  • A one stop shop for confidential data, simple to use. Just place documents for distribution into a familiar file-folder structure.
  • Portal users automatically notified when new secure information is ready for them to view or download
  • Portal login integrated with your Active Directory, X.500 directory and/or Media Sourcery’s simplified PKI, providing seamless access to secure delivery and uploading of confidential information
  • Portal users can “sign for” confidential data to download to their own PC’s
  • Portal users can view the transactions, see who signed for the data, when it was signed for (i.e., be assured that is was kept confidential by looking at the trail
  • Administrative simplicity (auto-reauthorize when revoke, notification of revoke/password reset, control of who sees who, etc.)
  • Application protection: This system helps prevent the following attacks against web application that serve database-generated sensitive information:
    • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
    • File Upload Vulnerabilities
    • Session Hijacking
    • SQL Injection

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