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Media Sourcery’s solutions are applicable in a wide variety of businesses, including Healthcare, Legal, Media, Energy and many more. If your business has data that needs to be moved, inside the company or out, and wants it secure, mobile and simple, you’ve come to the right place.

Healthcare (for more, see our Healthcare page)

  • CCS Medical
  • Medtronic
  • Kindred/Gentiva
  • Odyssey Healthcare
  • Horizon Health/ Psy Solutions
  • HIT Solutions Group


Technology companies must utilize their customers confidential data to help them make decisions about their infrastructure: critical data such as log files, configuration information, addresses concerning infrastructure setup need to be reviewed in a timely and secure fashion. Several high tech companies have implemented Media Sourcery solutions to quickly solve these problems and provide their customers with the confidence that their data is protected.

  • Cisco
  • LiveBolt
  • Wirehead


Digital media process includes creation, editing, distribution and production. This content requires compression, delivery confirmation, and audit. Commercial media may include full motion video, streaming video, audio, multimedia, or combinations of these. The ease of use combined with Media Sourcery’s integration with existing technology investments in use allow customers to rapidly distribute their content securely and efficiently. Prioritization ensures that the most important deliveries take precedence over less important ones eliminating the first come, first served scenario used with other large file transfer methods.


In the energy business, sensitive data from different companies is moved energyalong the same network. Seismic interpolation data, in raw form, and graphically rendered, produces large and sensitive data files. Commercial geological survey knowledge also must be transmitted quickly and securely and Media Sourcery applications are able to handle these and other requirements with the strongest security legally available. You may choose to use our solutions right out of the box, or in a form that integrates with your existing workflow through Media Sourcery Connectors and third-party integration.


With e-Discovery and digital chain of custody regulations, tracking the paper intensive legal process requires Media Sourcery solutions. Tracking documents as they are discovered, categorized, notated, sorted and stored through the entire process requires a simple automatically built audit trail.