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Media Sourcery offers solutions to move your confidential data… to and from tablets, smartphones, desktops, servers, and users. Our products provide the strongest security possible while not intimidating your users or partners with complicating processes. Our solutions fit easily into your Enterprise’s existing workflow, delivering the confidential data directly into your database, data warehouse or line of business application. These solutions also make the collected data Actionable, enabling integration with back-end systems (such as EMR/EHR systems), data warehouses and/or reporting systems. All transactions are tracked (with metadata such as timestamps, location, physical ID and others), secured (encrypted and signed) and always delivered.

Solutions for Mobile Devices and Browsers

Media Sourcery’s client solutions utilize the same underlying security, transport, metadata, PKI, patented non-repudiation and other infrastructure. The client-based solutions are:

–       Secure forms Messenger (SfM): to replace paper forms and capture field data, digital signatures and GPS/location data, Media Sourcery offers Secure forms Messenger. This solution was first offered on Blackberry devices in 2006, and is now supported on most popular mobile devices.

–       Secure data Messenger (SdM): to capture photos of paper documents, insurance cards or other documents, or to move existing files such as PDFs, Media Sourcery offers Secure data Messenger. SdM has its own camera to provide added security and control, keeping PHI out of the common images area. For more information, click here.

–       Secure text Messenger (StM): to provide a secure alternative for SMS-type messages (short information that expects a that quick. Response), Media Sourcery offers Secure text Messenger.

–       Secure Workflow: an iPad-based application that shows a real-time view of workflow tasks and steps, tracking items such as patients, documents or orders as they move through a workflow. Steps are color-coded. Detailed item information (such as patient information_, shipping information and other ancillary information can be included, depending on provider integration. This solution can be integrated with Secure text Messenger to allow for field to operations communication and inserting workflow notes directly into the back end system.

–       Secure Replicator: a basic building block of several Media Sourcery solutions, Secure Replicator is a rule-based solution for the automated and secure sending, receiving and processing of “parcels” (files, text, form data, etc).

–       Secure Portal: utilizing the Secure Replicator solution and Media Sourcery’s directory infrastructure, Media Sourcery’s Secure Portal solution provides auditable/trackable notification and delivery of documents and other types of files to administrator configurable user groups. For more information, click here.

–       Reporting: all Media Sourcery solutions include full compliance reporting, not only of basic information, but of additional meta-data as required.

Server Solutions

Media Sourcery’s server solutions integrate with the client solutions and with the customer’s back-end systems. The server solutions can be hosted by Media Sourcery (public Cloud) or by the customer (private Cloud). The server-based solutions are:

–       Digital Hub: at the heart of Media Sourcery’s solutions, the Digital Hub provides:

  • Directory Module: merges any number of external user databases (including LDAP and Active Directory) into a single conceptual structure. It also provides its own directory tree. This is to allow external users to be added and managed along with internal users without changing internal databases. The combination of users from different sources allows for setting permissions and roles across databases, and including users from disparate systems in common virtual groups. This allow for the easy creation and management of user relationships.
  • PKI Module: allows for a Public-Key Infrastructure to be made available to any user managed by Media Sourcery’s directory module (including users in external data sources).
  • Parcel Management Tools: allows for the fine tuning of the rules and actions associated with parcels. For example, this includes defining who can send to whom, what security constraints are required, and how parcels are processed in the server.

–       Workflow Manager: incoming and outgoing data from mobile and browser based users is made actionable by the Workflow Manager. Metadata about the “parcel” (files, text, form data, etc) is read and utilized in concert with Secure Replicator as a tagged rule base to determine next action in workflow for the data in the parcel. For example, an incoming form may need to be parsed based on tag “form version number” and then inserted into an EMR system based on the tag “form type”. Workflow Manager also integrates with EMR systems through custom providers to read and manager statuses of workflow steps and tasks.

–       Referral Processor: to provide for tracking and escalation of incoming requests, Media Sourcery offers the Referral Processor solution. Provides notification of events/incoming messages and tracks action (or inaction) on those events. Escalation timers can be configured so that escalation points of contact are notified if initial notification is not acted upon before timer expires.

–       Secure Replicator: this solution can be utilized on client or server (see description under “Client solutions.”

Media Sourcery can also provide a software development kit for mobile devices and servers that allows API access to the underlying security, transport and other functionality utilized by these solutions.

Custom Applications

In addition to the standard offerings described in the previous two sections, Media Sourcery has also put together custom applications built with our technologies. Below are some examples:

–       Insurance Verification: utilizing Media Sourcery’s security, auditing and referral processing, Insurance Verification is a solution which can recognize incoming secure referrals which are tagged to need healthcare insurance verification, submit these to a third party clearing house (or directly in some cases, such as Medicare), and receive the return information. This system can be integrated with back-end patient information systems.


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What Our Customers Say

  • “We’ve used Media Sourcery solutions in several areas of our company, not only because they protect our patient’s confidential information but they also integrate with our patient information systems, giving us true end-to-end audit and protection while enabling mobile interactions,” said Bob Hansen, Senior Vice President, Information Technology at CCS Medical.

  • Blackberry  has released a case study on Odyssey Healthcare’s implementation of Media Sourcery’s AppMobilizer. Titled “BlackBerry Solution Helps Hospice Provider Gather Patient Information at Point of Care“, the case study can be found on Blackberry’s web site,

    BlackBerry, Blackberry Case Study

  • “We are able to quickly and confidently distribute information, forms and documents to contract workers and employees,” said Meridith Wilson, HSE Manager at PanAtlantic Exploration. “The ease of reporting allows us to meet multiple requests for compliance audits, regardless of country or organization.”