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1 June 2014

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Seen on hacked devices

Recently, several Apple device users who were caught in a phishing scam learned about the benefits of two-step authentication. These users had their Apple ID and password stolen when they went to a bogus website, and their devices were locked and held for ransom. More details here.

Two-step (and multi-step) verification and authentication is a methodology being employed by many enterprises, including banks, cloud storage companies and many others. It is a simple but to some intimidating process.

If offered by a service the user is using, it should be turned on as an added layer of security.

Here is a link to an excellent FAQ on the Apple Support Forums about how to setup, why use it and other questions concerning Apple’s own two-step verification.

There are large differences between the various layers of authentication (single step, two or multi-step, two-factor and multi-factor authentication). Layers of authentication most commonly add more complexity at the cost/benefit of more security.

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