PRESS RELEASE: PanAtlantic Exploration implements Secure HSE Portal with full compliance reporting

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Solution from Media Sourcery also provides automatic notification, group-specific access

HOUSTON, TX — (July 10, 2012) – PanAtlantic Exploration Company has implemented a secure portal to deliver health, safety and environment training and documentation. This solution is based on Media Sourcery, Inc.’s Secure Distribution solution, which provides full compliance reporting, group specific access and notification to portal users when new documents that they have access to are made available.

The HSE portal, to be used initially in support of the PanAtlantic Group’s Brazil operations on behalf of its wholly owned subsidiary Vanco Brasil Exploração e Produção de Petróleo e Gas Natural Ltda, was implemented in a few weeks on Media Sourcery’s platform. The usage can be easily expanded to other projects and other processes.

“We are able to quickly and confidently distribute information, forms and documents to contract workers and employees,” said Meridith Wilson, HSE Manager at PanAtlantic Exploration. “The ease of reporting allows us to meet multiple requests for compliance audits, regardless of country or organization.”

“This solution has also been used with our Healthcare customers to quickly build secure patient and physician portals,” said Larry Ketchersid, CEO of Media Sourcery. “The ease of use and full compliance reporting make for a low time-to-implement, so ROI starts almost immediately.”

The solution also allows for both document distribution and form data collection, in multiple languages if required. As with all Media Sourcery solutions, multiple layers of security can be applied as appropriate for the process.

About PanAtlantic Exploration

PanAtlantic Exploration is part of the PanAtlantic Group, an independent oil and gas organization with the mission to explore for and develop oil and gas worldwide. As announced in May 2012, PanAtlantic Energy Group has succeeded and replaced Vanco Overseas Energy Group, with the name change to reflect its major asset base and areas of focus along the Latin American and African margins of the Atlantic Ocean. PanAtlantic holds deepwater exploration assets in Brazil, West Africa and the Black Sea.

About Media Sourcery, Inc.

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