PRESS RELEASE: Media Sourcery Awarded Non-Repudiation Patent

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Patent covers the non-repudiation of sender, receiver and information between two entities

HOUSTON, TX — (February 3, 2012) – Media Sourcery, Inc. (MSI) announced today the issuance to MSI by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers the certainty of identification of a sender and receiver in a secured transaction.

The patent for invention number 8,082,446 is for the non-repudiation of the identified sender and receiver, non-repudiation of the information sent and information received, the time that various portions of the transaction occurred and other associated parameters of a designated parcel of digital information.

“This patent makes claims in connection with our technology that provides assurances of sender, receiver and contained information during a secure digital transaction,” said Larry Ketchersid, CEO of Media Sourcery. “These technologies are critical for our customers in Energy, Government, Education and particularly Healthcare who are utilizing them to secure protected health information (PHI) in the most effective manner possible.”

The patent covers the technology used in Media Sourcery’s portfolio of secure delivery products and solutions, including those available on mobile devices (iOS, Android, others), Windows and Linux platforms. The products include Secure Replicator, AppMobilizer and Media Sourcery’s Referral Processor.

“Our customers have called our solution ‘security without the pain’, due to our ability to make the complexities of public key infrastructure appear easy,” said Ketchersid. “The technologies in this patent do the same for non-repudiation, making what is traditionally complex simple for users and implementers.”

The solution also allows for the ability of the sender to prove receipt by the receiver of the correct data without the cooperation of the receiver, if required. Embodiments of the patent disclosure can be readily implemented in conjunction with a public key infrastructure to advantageously provide complete non-repudiation of origin and delivery of digital data.

Media Sourcery was assisted in the patent process by Sprinkle IP Law Group, P.C. of Austin, and highly recommends them.

About Media Sourcery, Inc.

Media Sourcery offers solutions to move confidential data… to and from smartphones, desktops, servers, and users. MSIs products provide the strongest security possible while not intimidating customers or their partners with complicating processes. MSI’s solutions fit easily into the Enterprise’s existing workflow, delivering the confidential data directly into a database, data warehouse or line of business application. All transactions are tracked (with metadata such as timestamps, location, physical ID and others), secured (encrypted and signed) and always delivered.

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